June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India vs. Pakistan, Nuclear Cricket

India and Pakistan rarely meet For cricketFor some reason or another, whether they are involved in war, or terrorist attacks or hostile incursions, they have severed diplomatic ties or are about to do so. But while they were playing, as Nehru and Gandhi hit the ball thrown by Jinnah, the partition took place now instead of 1947. Real fights of rival identities with atomic bombs instead of bats.

One of these occasional clashes in Dubai on Sunday was at the T-20 World Championships (an abbreviated version of the increasingly fashionable game, lasting three hours like a baseball game instead of five days), followed by the inevitable calls ignored by Hindu politicians. And it is rebirth. Pakistan, having suffered twelve consecutive defeats against its grand rival in the World Championships of various formats, won on the thirteenth attempt and defeated its best historical rival. On giant screens set up in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi, or on television in London, in the remote villages of the Hindu Kush Massif (no water or electricity, but satellite foods, the Internet and mobile phones) in the hundreds of millions of people who followed the conflict, or in Los Angeles, they celebrated it as independence (exaggeration). .

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was the captain of the team that won the 1992 World Cup

The attack on the Sri Lankan national team in 2009 (such as the death of six players) is one of the reasons why the Pakistani cricket world is discriminated against for having its own branch of the Taliban and other terrorist organizations affiliated with the Islamic State. And two civil). Since then, other nations have opposed playing in the country (England and New Zealand have canceled tours this year for unspecified security reasons), and some of the game’s big stars (Baber Assam, Mohammad Rizwan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, etc.) have been banned from the Indian Premier League. Equivalent to football. One of the top five highest grossing sports in the world, it attracts the best (including the British) and pays them over two million euros for a two-month season.

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Two years have passed since the two powers were born out of the breakdown of the British Empire, with feelings, culture and shared history, amid growing tensions and intolerance to disputes over the Kashmir landscape. Their nuclear bats (both states have nuclear weapons). India dominates the cricket world commercially but Pakistan came as a surprise. Shaheen, a sensational left-handed bowler who throws real missiles, celebrated his iconic celebration on a grand scale like Messi: he spread his legs wide, kissed his fingers and pointed towards the sky.

Pakistani Mohammad Rizwan

Amir Qureshi / AFP

Sometimes India and Pakistan have not faced each other for more than a decade, while others have done so in complete hostility, such as when they fought Kashmir in the 1999 World Cup (they continue to do so). They are extraordinary encounters such as fans traveling to London, Dubai or anywhere or risking their lives to cross the border between the two countries. Would it be superfluous if Gandhi and Nehru batted and Jinnah, the father of the Pakistani homeland, batted? If you take into account that the current Prime Minister Imran Khan was the captain of the team that won the 92 World Cup, his cricketing history is said to be a reflection of the politics of the country: a talent that has been undermined by moments of ingenuity and mismanagement, corruption and lack of opportunities.

Game without borders

Effects of infection

Not Australia or India, but Oman and the United Arab Emirates

The T20 Cricket World Cup was supposed to be held in Australia last year, but was postponed for 12 months due to infection and shifted to India. The games are being held in the United Arab Emirates and Oman due to the spread of the disease in the country. In addition to officially hosting India, nine top ranked teams (Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) are competing, and six who have qualified through the competition: Netherlands, Oman, Namibia, Scotland, Ireland and Papua New Guinea. Guinea.

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