June 6, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India: Violent accident against an ambulance killed four | Video | the world

4 people died when the ambulance lost control and crashed into the toll booth . There were eight passengers in the vehicle, one of whom was taken to a private medical centre. The accident is believed to be the result of poor maneuvering by the driver who lost control due to rain.

Security cameras captured the moment The ambulance derailed and crashed into a police booth India. The pictures show what the officers look like Toll operators try to clear the way for the ambulanceRemove the safety fences on the highway.

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The speed of the ambulance, in addition to the instability of the road due to the rain, caused the driver to lose control and crash into the wall of the checkpoint. Regarding impact, Eight people who were transported suffered multiple injuries Half of the wounded died as a result.

The deceased have been identified Kajana Naik (four. five); patient, Manjunath Naik (40); Lokesh Naik (42); Y torch (32), the media reported . Also, the name of the ambulance driver was confirmed Roshan.

The situation worsened when the ambulance was attacked by violence and the doors opened. (Video recording).

The accident went viral on social media due to the violence of the impact, which also injured one of the police toll operators. All the victims were taken to hospital. There four of them died and the rest are in critical condition.

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