March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India: This is the unusual reason why a woman refuses to get married … in the middle of marriage! | Extraordinary | India | Marriage | The world

Something really It happened at a wedding What happened after the fianc decided not to marry the bride who discovered the secret that had been hidden for so long?

In a hall in Ettawa, the groom Ajay Kumar was preparing to change the evening according to the Hindu rites related to marriage with his partner.

According to During the process, the bride realized that her fianc was worried about re-arranging the traditional dress.

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One of the guests at the ceremony then revealed that the groom was actually wearing a bald and wig. When the woman looked closely at the man, she noticed that he had actually been wearing these outfits for so long.

Realizing this, the bride fainted in shock and regained consciousness, but refused to marry when the family tried to continue the marriage.

According to guests, the woman said “Under no circumstances will you smell bald”. Conflict broke out between the two parties as the groom’s house protested his decision. However, peace came and every bridegroom’s family retreated.

But this did not end there, because later Ajay’s family went to the police station to lodge a complaint against the bride’s house, and they did the same, accusing the other family of cheating on them.

Later, local police chief Gangadas Gautam told the media that the bride was not ready to get married after seeing her partner’s wig. Finally, he announced that both sides had withdrawn their complaints, “resolving the issue.”

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