March 25, 2023

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In the long run, marriage is beyond the union of two socially accepted individuals because there are so many types Such as polygamy (the union of one man with many women), endogamy (union of two relatives) and monogamy (the union of one person with oneself).

A clear example of this last type Kshma Bindu, a 24-year-old Indian woman, married himself.

Kshma later married herself at the age of 24. | Photo: @kshamachy

In the beginning I was going to do Ceremony On June 11, but the young lady decided to bring it forward Wednesday, June 8 His decision is so viral that there should be no controversy.

“I wanted to do this wedding in a temple, but unfortunately I had to change location to avoid problems.” Kshama promised Times of India.

The event took place at the little girl’s house and lasted 40 minutes, where there was no detail in terms of decoration and rituals. Of course, only ten of his friends attended the wedding “It must be a secret affair.”

When asked why she decided to marry alone, Kshama agreed: “I have not wanted to get married since I was a teenager. But I always wanted to be a girlfriend. So, I decided to get married myself.

On the other hand, her friends praise her for being her She was the first woman to make monogamy in her country. One of the guests, Yesha Choksi, said: “Despite the pressure, Kshma married alone and I think she was a role model for many who did not oppose marriage.”

After the ceremony, the audience danced to the rhythm of the London Dumakta. Kshma Bindu will enjoy the wonderful honeymoon she has prepared for herself.

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