January 27, 2023

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India: The rape of her daughter, a mother involved in the election struggle, will fight for equality

Ash Singh For the first time in her life she is regaining the lost dignity of women who fought in elections India So that was an injustice to his family Violation In 2017 one of her daughters and her husband died in police custody by a Member of Parliament.

The historic Congress Party candidate in Unnao in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh is facing a new phase of major regional elections today, yet he faces a mixture of sympathy and skepticism from his neighbors.

Family marked by injustice

“The injustice done to us should not happen to anyone, that is why we have come to politics,” he explained. F Singh is almost in a whisper from Unnao’s house where he lives with his five children and other relatives and a dozen members of the security forces.

Regional MP Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was sentenced in 2019 to life in prison for raping Singh’s then-teenage daughter at his home two years ago, until the case came to light and he was expelled. There the teenager went to see the work.

After the rape came to light, the girl’s father was arrested in a case of illegal possession of weapons and died in police custody after being attacked by Senghar supporters, the court said. New Delhi Before the former MP was sentenced to ten years in prison.

The 55-year-old candidate, wearing a scarf in the colors of the Congress party and two pink bracelets with the words “I am a woman, I can fight”, came with her daughter to cover her face with a blue scarf. .

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“I wandered for a year and no case was registered in Unnao, after which my father was killed. They accepted the complaint when I tried to detonate the bomb in front of the house of the head of government (Uttar Pradesh),” she asserted. 20 years old.

The event marked the family forever, and in 2019 it also brought the young woman’s uncle to jail for an attempted murder case two decades ago.

“My uncle was imprisoned by Kuldeep Senkar on false charges,” he explains.

Between sympathy and rejection

Singh’s struggle to “get justice for all the daughters who have been wronged”, sometimes settles the young woman. Regional elections This is important for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the 2024 general election.

But in Unnao, as in other parts of Uttar Pradesh, residents expect fighting to erupt between Modi’s BJP and the Samajwadi Party (SP), with the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s Congress candidate drawing sympathy for him. It does not turn into votes, the good part is rejection.

“People may sympathize with her, but I did not, because I do not believe her story. The truth may be different,” he says. F Neelam Kaur, a 40-year-old housewife, is planning to vote for the BJP today on a central street in Unnao.

Radha Tiwari sympathizes with the women’s family, but also expresses doubts about “what happened to him is real”.

Vikas Tiwari (who has nothing to do with Radha Tiwari), from one of the regular tea and cigarette shops lining the main artery of the city, is believed to have been the head of the former government, fighting between the BJP and the SP. Region Akhilesh Yadav.

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When asked about Singh, Tiwari cites the complex history of the family and explained that he did not see his imprisoned uncle as a viable candidate.

Suspicion of Violation What actually happened was that despite the two convictions against the former BJP MP, they have been extended to the national press beyond the residents of Unnao.

Newspaper Indian ExpressThe most important person to speak in English, while reporting yesterday on the last day of the election campaign in the city, cured his health by claiming that Senghar Singh’s daughter had been “guilty” of rape.

Campaign focusing on women

Priyanka Gandhi, the granddaughter of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and in charge of conducting elections for the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh, has fielded 40% of women candidates.

“Women can bring about change, they must move forward,” Gandhi said last October.

Singh’s candidacy comes under the scheme, which reports the number of brutal cases that have caught the nation’s attention.

In another case in Unnao, a woman who was raped in 2019 was set on fire by a group while she was going to testify for her case, and then she died of burns, rape and subsequent death in 2020. While a young “untouchable” was degenerating into a political circus, the burning of a body by police shocked the country.

But despite the emphasis on women, analysts and opinion polls suggest that the Congress party is unlikely to hold sway in a more populous state. IndiaWith a population of 200 million.

Is Asha Singh likely to win the constituency? “It is better not to ask for it,” said Manisha Sangwan, a member of a historic party and a month-long trainee in the political arts for the candidate. 2024 General Election.

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