June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India, the land of contradictions

Did you imagine? Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) What would be India in the future? Founder Nonviolence Was one of the main drivers of Indian independence On 1947.

Seven decades later, the country has undergone many changes at the social and economic level. The High population, The Food security And this Gender equality Some important challenges.

Crowded area

That’s India The second most populous country The world behind China. It is More than 1.3 billion people According to World Bank StatisticsAccording to UN estimates, it is expected to reach 1.4 billion people by 2022.

One of the characteristics of the Indian people is its youth: Average age Located around 28 years. The average age is over 40, a figure far removed from older countries such as the European Union.

One of the factors contributing to the increase in population High birth rate Of young women. A fact that responds Lack of contraception, But also Widespread poverty Of society, encourages families to have more offspring to cooperate with the domestic economy.

Unfair social system

The population of India is organized Caste system. These community groups are organized according to a hierarchical structure based on it Clean and unclean Of the people.

Thus, each caste is related a Industry, Nails Customs And up to a Territory Separated. Privileged castes have more rights, for example, to be able to access better jobs than lower castes.

The Constitution of India was established in 1949 Elimination of discrimination Belonging to one or another caste. This allowed a section of the community to access the university and some public levels.

However, today the caste system continues Deeply rooted in society, Especially Rural Zones Tradition there carries the most important weight.

Food security

India is one of them Major exporting countries Of the world. One of the most exported products Rice, A Basic food For local people.

However, despite the great economic growth that has taken place in recent years, a Quarter in population India continues to suffer Extreme hungerAccording to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Its ill effects Food insecurity It is no more Casualties By starvation, but Malnutrition And this diseases Descendants affecting the future of millions of people.

Polluted country

Pollution is one of the main effects Climate change And it affects every country on the planet. In India, Air pollution And this Accumulation of wasteIn big cities and in the seas and oceans, it has been able to break records in recent years.

The amount of air pollution in New Delhi, The capital of India, is 14 times larger Safe condition Founded by World Health Organization (WHO).

It is estimated that more than that One and a half million people They die every year in India as a result of diseases caused by air pollution.

Gender (in) Equality

Than 70% are women Living in India Rural Zones Some kind of misery Violence, Step Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Each is estimated to be Seven minutes Some kind Abuse against women. Rapes and especially The impunity felt by the invaders, Makes gender equality even more intimidating.

This is due to gender discrimination Patriarchal and macho character Indian society has traditionally degraded women.

An example of this inequality Forced marriages And duty To give dowry The groom’s family to accept the bride and take care of her. On the other hand, although the legal age to get married is 18, many Minors Son Forced to marry In forced marriages.

Another example of this discrimination is related Menstruation. In India, this rule is considered A Tab object: Many women Rejected and isolated When they menstruate, once a month. Shortages are also included Intimate health educationIt can have direct effects on the health of women and girls.

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