April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India: The case of a 21-year-old man who wants to achieve the Guinness World Record for a tongue measuring almost 11 centimeters EC stories | Description | REVTLI | Answers

The People like Samantha Ramstell, who created the record for the world’s largest mouth a few months ago, and then Mehmet Osiurek, who created the record for the world’s longest nose, will not stop surprising the world. Its length is 8.7 cm.

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Now there is the case of an Indian who is on track to win the Guinness World Record. Talking about Q PraveenThe 21-year-old hails from Virudhunagar Its main tongue is 10.8 cm.

In addition to the length of his tongue allowing him to achieve a feat, he Allowed K Praveen develops all kinds of skills Like touching the elbow and nose. He even trains to get to the eyelid. You can draw with your tongue with the help of a condom that holds your brush.

Similarly, young Indians are also good at doing strange exercises of yoga Kekari MudraIt introduces the tongue into the nasal cavity through the palate.

Although This is already part of your country’s record book For having the longest tongue in the world, K. Praveen has not yet set a Guinness World Record due to lack of funds. However, due to the length of his tongue, everything indicates that he will get it soon.

“Even though my achievements are recorded in India, I want to take my talents around the world.”He assured the local media. This will be possible if the Government of Tamil Nadu helps me, as I am unable to express my achievements to the world due to lack of funding.

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The record for the longest tongue is currently held by a Californian Nick Stopbert, Which is 10.1 cm long. While this is undoubtedly surprising, it is also low compared to the K Praveen who surpassed it by 0.7 cm.

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