March 21, 2023

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India: ‘Revenge tourism’ worries health officials

Two weeks ago, authorities in India relaxed measures against COVID-19This put the world on high alert under the second wave of catastrophe the country experienced, many months later.

However, it seems that the public is not acting as expected Hundreds of people have started visiting the tourist areas of the region in recent days.

The situation has worsened with the Ministry of Health being forced to issue a statement against what was described “Journeys of Revenge”, They confirmed it These actions endanger the achievements made so far.

The phenomenon of people traveling from all over the world as soon as the restrictions are relaxed is not unique to India. However, in this country it is serious as far as the situation it still maintains.

On social networks, pictures of crowds without masks were viralized. According to Amit Kashyap, Director, Himachal Pradesh Tourism, at least 600,000 to 700,000 tourists have visited the northern Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh since June alone.

In Delhi, similar scenes were seen in the markets, forcing the government to order the closure of shops in the central market of Lajpat Nagar and Rui Mandi in Sadar Bazaar on the basis of “serious violations” of the code of conduct. COVID-19.

Speaking to The Independent, Subhash Goyal, President of the Federation of Indian Tourists, shows the views of the Himalayan states. “We’re definitely moving into the third wave.”

“There should be severe punishments for those who disobey appropriate behavior to endanger the lives of thousands of people,” Goyal added.

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What is ‘revenge tourism’?

The travel phenomenon is protected by studies of Anglo-Saxon origin, whose term is used to define revenge travel or the rate of revenge.

Similarly, it has already been analyzed in other fields of research such as compulsory shopping in the form of masturbation in psychological and complex situations. I.e., I involve myself because I deserve it after experiencing a bad time for any reason. Now it is hitting the tourism industry hard.

In this scenario, it means that people are more interested in traveling this year after being locked down to reduce the progress of the corona virus and do not want to cancel holiday plans,

“Many people around the world changed or canceled their vacations last year, so they all seek to fulfill their desire to travel at the same time. ”Said The Vacationer Eric Jones, Travel Planning Guide en diálogo con The Huffington Post.