March 20, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India records 400 deaths from Govt-19, but the actual number could exceed one million deaths

Number Casualties Govt-19 in India reached 400 this Friday (2), but experts around the world believe the deaths Asian country They may have already surpassed one million.

In April and May, India suffered a severe hospital collapse, breaking world records for Kovit-19 cases and daily deaths. According to data in our world, from University of Oxford, More than 100 deaths occurred in 39 days during the second wave of the country.


India has recorded 400 deaths from Govt-19. Image: Exhibition Scenes / Shutterstock

Currently, the moving average of new daily infections has dropped to 46.2 thousand, the lowest number recorded since the May 9 peak, while the moving average of cases was 391.

The country with the largest population in the world, at about 1.3 million, is then the second largest country in terms of total deaths United States, With 605 deaths, and In Brazil, 520 thousand people have died Officially registered.

“The low death toll is happening in every state, mainly due to system delays, which means we will never have a real idea of ​​how many people we lost in this second wave,” said Rijo M., a professor at the Rajagiri Faculty of Social Sciences. John commented on the situation in India.

Activities of the Government of India

The high turnout in India was the result of the actions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which chose not to take restrictive measures and authorized events of election rallies and religious ceremonies. In January, Indian President Kovid-19 celebrated the end of the epidemic.

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Despite the texts against Security measuresThe Indian government launched a national immunization campaign last week, promising to vaccinate 950 million people free of charge by the end of 2021.

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However, a portal created by the University of Oxford said the vaccination rate in the country was declining. This week, 5 million immunizations were given daily, up from an average of 6.2 million the previous week.

Even on a large scale Vaccine On a daily basis, India is far from reaching vaccines for its entire population. According to the official local government website, only 6% of adult Indians are vaccinated with the two doses required for the AstraZeneca and Kovacin vaccine, which are administered locally.

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