June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India overtook Pakistan and Bangladesh topped the list

Accustomed to the slow speed of three-wheelers, Bangladesh wants 2022 to be its year of great progress. After surpassing India in per capita income a few months ago, the country hopes to further accelerate its growth by completing several major infrastructure projects. Check out the first line of the metro in Dhaka, the capital of traffic jams, or its first nuclear power plant built by Russia. Except for a kilometer bridge over the mighty Padma or a tunnel under the Chittagong River, in both cases, in the hands of Chinese construction companies.

Nevertheless, relations with India have never been better, with the resumption of decades-defunct rail links. .

Bangladesh over the age of fifty dreams of leaving its devastating image. Origin, in 1971, his painful birth led to a new kind of world event: the charity mega-concerts of music stars. If so, “Concert for Bangladesh” by George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and their friends. The Bengalis have, for many years, surpassed Pakistan in most respects. But overcoming India was their defender at the time.

The work of the Bengalis – especially the Bengalis – has taken the country out of the swamp. Twenty-five million people were able to get out of poverty in two decades. Achieved by its own economic and social model, in which the industry employs 31% of workers and expects to reach 40% by the end of the decade.

The commitment to textiles has pulled the country out of the pit: in per capita income it is already higher than neighboring India.

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These political priorities were advanced by the spread of good practices by voluntary charities around the world, which represented 7% of the economy and only 2% today. The Bengalis, like some, loved fish and learned to fish.

Despite numerous natural disasters and less frequent shocks of human descent – from massacres to coups – Bangladesh has integrated democracy with more abuse of power and corruption than India, but at the same time with clear betting on improving human parameters. By developing and creating jobs. When India destroys industrial jobs, Bangladesh creates them. While Indian cargo exports have been stagnant for many years, Bangladesh is growing at 15% per annum.

Similarly, the country’s relative success will force its economy to make a qualitative leap because it will lose the tariff concessions enjoyed by the poorest countries in the EU (60% of its exports) or in the United States. .USA.

Although 80% of Bangladesh’s export earnings come from clothing, signs of diversity are beginning to show. Last year, its software and computer service companies exceeded $ 1 billion in exports. The money of the sixth largest expatriate in the world and the eighth largest remittance sender should be added to this income.

Bangladesh was born in 1971 at the end of a tragic war to gain independence from Pakistan.

The bridge over the Padma – the name of the Ganges that runs through Bangladesh – brings China closer to Dhaka than to Calcutta. The Chittagong Tunnel will bring the second city south of the country – crowded with hundreds of thousands of Rohingya – and close to the Burmese border.

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Recently, Bangladesh has become the only country where women are ruled by men longer than men. The blatant feud between the two “sultanates” of Bengali politics, Sheikh Hasina and Jaleta Zia, and the fierce fighting between Sheikh Hasina and Jaleta Zia, who had been in power for two decades alternately, ended long ago, first with greater friendship with India and less decisive victory with Islam. Jia, who was in prison, is now fighting for his life in hospital.

However, the importance of women in Bengali society is a cultural fact that alienates them from Punjab Machismo. The dominance of women in industry has greatly increased the participation rate of women over the standards of India or Pakistan. Bengalis study for a long time, then get married and have an average of two children, much less than Pakistani women. Life expectancy is already close to 73 years.

Of course, Bangladesh, despite its 165 million population, is more linguistically, culturally and religiously more homogeneous than its neighbors. With more than 90% of the Muslim population, it has turned to extremism. Its size would be more appropriate to ask for accounts or to provide them. But do not forget that he was born malnourished to the extent that no other country is poorer than today’s Burkina Faso.

With a population of 165 million (90% Muslims), Bangladesh has turned its back on extremism

Now he grows up like some and maintains good relationship with everyone. But, without the sweat of the protagonists of this story, the textile workers, in almost always dangerous situations and extreme times, nothing is possible.

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