January 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India: One of the attractions falls from a height of 24 meters, injuring around 20 people Description | EC Stories | the world

Terrorism took place last Saturday at an amusement park in Mohali , one of its attractions, with about 50 people, fell from a height of 24 meters. No deaths were reported, but all occupants suffered varying degrees of injuries. As the video of the incident has gone viral on social media, the cause of the incident is being investigated.

In the shocking footage that went viral by local journalist Nikhil Chowdhury of TV9 Bharatvarsh channel, last Saturday night, one can see how the spinning wheel of the game collapses in free fall and hits the ground, throwing some people out. Seats.

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“Live footage of swing break in #Mohali phase 8, many injured. About 16 women and children have been hospitalized after the incident,” Chaudhry tweeted. Media reported. Includes reports from India that one of the injured is in critical condition.

After the incident, the injured, including several children, were taken to a local hospital and the victims’ families are demanding that the amusement park bear the medical expenses.


An official told the news agency The organizers of the fair had initially given permission to organize the event till September 4 and a poster extending the deadline till September 11 was put up at the venue. “All we know so far is that they had permission to hold the show. However, no one is spared if they make a mistake”, said the jurisdictional police chief, Harsiman Singh Pal.

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People who saw the accident said that the park did not have adequate security arrangements and the authorities did not want to take responsibility for what happened. “Your personal bouncers [del parque de diversiones] They arrived 20 minutes late. Its president, a woman, said no one had died. Who will be responsible for the incident? How does this business run without medical help?” A witness told the agency.

The mechanical game involves people sitting on a wheel that spins in a 24-meter vertical structure that goes up and as it turns, it falls into pieces until it goes down again in a controlled manner.

However, the wheel, while at the top, started spinning but the vertical structure tilted slightly and then the wheel fell without braking, witnesses said. According to preliminary tests, the brakes may have failed, and all 50 people on board suffered varying degrees of injuries.