May 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India: Monkeys take 2 month old baby and drown in water tank | NNDC | The world

A group of monkeys sleeping at their home in the Indian city of Baghdad have drowned a two-month-old baby boy in a water tank. The parents of boy Keshav Kumar are shocked to see their son’s body floating.

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The incident took place on the night of January 10th. Minor slept with his grandmother in a room near the terrace. With the door open, the beasts took advantage of the silence and darkness and removed the boy. .

When he got home, Prince and gentleman, Minor’s parents, They found them missing and informed the authorities. Later, police found the boy floating in the water in a tank near his home.

After a police investigation, they had to inspect security cameras in the neighborhood, where they found the monkeys jumping from the terrace, then took the baby by the hand and fled.

“On scanning CCTV footage of the area, we found monkeys jumping from a terrace with a baby in the arms of one of the monkeys.” The person in charge of the case told reporters in Chandigarh.

“We did not expect them to return in the dark. We lost our baby. “, The child’s parents lamented to the media, assuring them that this was not the first time the animal had tried to take the child away.

People in the area said that a complaint had already been lodged with the police regarding the abduction of the monkeys. பாக்பத்But the police did not take action to stop it.

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