March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India mistakenly fired missile at Pakistan | New Delhi | NMR | The world

Accidentally launched a missile The Defense Ministry said in New Delhi on Friday that the incident was “deeply regrettable”.

Since independence from the former British colony in 1947, mainly Hindu India and Pakistan (Muslim majority) have been involved in three wars, two of which are for disputed Kashmir.

Their common border is heavily militarized on both sides, and there are episodes of tension that have raised fears of a confrontation between the two countries over the nuclear arsenal.

“During routine maintenance operation, the missile was accidentally fired due to a technical malfunction” andHe fell on Wednesday “A part of Pakistan”, The ministry said in a statement that a high-level inquiry had been ordered.

It does not specify the type of missile fired.

He said the incident was very unfortunate and it was reassuring that no one was killed in the accident.

The statement came hours after Pakistan’s foreign ministry condemned what it said was a “supersonic flying object of Indian descent” that was an unprovoked intrusion into its airspace.

The Pakistani government has summoned Indian officials to express “firm opposition,” the ministry said.

The “irresponsible launch” damaged buildings on the ground and endangered civilian lives and aircraft in Pakistani airspace, accusing the company of “India’s insensitivity to regional peace and stability”.

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