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India is moving towards elections in Kashmir after regaining its autonomy

This content was released on May 05, 2022 – 13:41

New Delhi, May 5 (EFE) .- Indian authorities on Thursday announced that they will reshape the electoral map of Indian Kashmir, a step ahead of the holding of the first regional elections after New Delhi revoked its semi-autonomous status in 2019.

This was announced on Thursday with a view to holding future regional elections in the report of the Commission created to define the various administrative constitutions of the newly recognized Jammu and Kashmir region.

A “challenging” process will take effect “from the date the administrator announces it,” the EC said in a statement.

Since the dissolution of the Kashmir Legislative Assembly in 2018, following the breakdown of the ruling regional alliance, and the unilateral revocation of the semi-autonomous status of the region by the Indian Parliament a year later, Kashmir has been led by a Governor appointed by New Delhi. Arbitration election.

Home Minister Amit Shah has repeatedly assured that the Election Commission’s order today to hold the first regional elections in Indian Kashmir is one of the last hurdles, without consulting political parties. Of the region.

One of them is the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whose leader Mehbooba Mufti has the privilege of being the last chief executive of Indian Kashmir before the dissolution of parliament in 2018.

His ruling coalition included the still-ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who broke with the alliance citing a lack of security in the Kashmir Valley.

The Jammu and Kashmir Reconstruction Act was passed in August 2019 and had the massive support of the BJP-dominated lower house, which a Hindu organization had already warned in its election manifesto that it would repeal a key section of the constitution. Area where the majority of Muslims live.

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Pakistan and India have been disputing Kashmir since independence from the British Empire 75 years ago.

The region, demarcated by a temporary border, is one of the most militarized areas in the world, where the unilateral withdrawal of special semi-autonomous status has re-ignited tensions. EFE

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