June 5, 2023

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India is in the bid for Chess Olympiad

After Mumbai and New Delhi, Chennai appears to be the most populous city in all of India. With over nine million people, Chosen as the venue for the 44th Chess Olympiad And for two weeks people have been paralyzed in a place where people live very fast.

Game room. (EFE)

In season four you can see a small sample of the world: thanks to 350 teams, where almost 700 games are played a day, different religions, costumes and cultures come together.

Locals, moreover, want to be part of the party. They want to experience first-hand the third most popular sport in their country after cricket and badminton. In fact, many signed up as volunteers and hundreds attend the official hotel as luxury spectators of the top players.

Peralta and Perez Ponsa, in the view of Captain Hungaski.

Peralta and Perez Ponsa, in the view of Captain Hungaski.

Ole He spoke to members of both Argentine teams and all consulted agreed on the friendliness of the locals. “People ask us for photos. “You can breathe chess in the houses, on the streets and on the walls,” they happily assured.

“Everything is very interesting. We share bus, official hotel, game room, dining room with people from all over the world.. Absolutely everything,” said Guadalupe Pesso, who made his official debut. In addition, Maria Jose Campos, who contributed to the victory in the preliminary round, told this media: “They treated us well since we arrived. They are all very nice! They gave us a warm welcome in a truly palace-like hotel”.

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Like many newcomers among the women, one of those enjoying her first Olympic experience was Leandro Griza, who also won her first Games. He explained Ole He decided to come before his companions to fix his jet lag. “I arrived on the 24th and there were still volunteers waiting at the airport. They took us to the hotel and treated me almost like a diplomat. When we walk past with the mic, people greet us as if we are football players”, he commented, almost in disbelief of what he had experienced. And he closed: “I’ve been eating noodles for six days because there’s no meat and I want to avoid spicy.”

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In a world full of cultures and 64 squares, India is at the bidding.

This is how the first day went

Argentina’s men’s team won 4-0. Cape Verde, in the first round of the tournament. Winners were Fernando Peralta, Federico Perez Ponsa, Leandro Griza and Leonardo Tristan. Today they face Costa Rica, in which they are favourites.

Argentina Women's Team.

Argentina Women’s Team.

For its part, The women’s team beat Malawi 3.5-0.5. Maria Jose Campos, Anabola Porta and Maria Belen Sarkis won their matches, Guadalupe Pesso equalized and today they face top seeded India in the tournament.

The YouTube channel Chess24 broadcasts live every day. Also, matches can be followed live on the Chess24 page from 06.30.

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