June 4, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India is about to burn and the fire is spreading all over the planet

India is on fire, engulfed in an intense heat wave with a temperature of 50ºC, which also affects Pakistan. According to scientists, this is the beginning of a global process that will make 20 percent of the earth uninhabitable, causing famine, death, displacement and irreparable damage to ecosystems. It can cause the collapse of our civilization as it did 3,200 years ago.

The planet is experiencing a new chapter of extreme heat affecting two countries, India and Pakistan, with a population of about 1.6 billion.. Chandra BhushanOne of the country’s greatest meteorologists has come to describe the situation with a dark phrase: India is on fire.

“Temperatures and heat waves have increased significantly since the 1980s. Each of the last four decades has been gradually warmer than the previous decade. & rdquor ;, Bhushan adds.

The new wave of extreme heat, spring and especially intense, begins in mid-April, lasts until the end of the month and lasts until May, when temperatures in the East, Central and Northwest are up to 8.5ºC above normal. Country, Uttar Pradesh recorded 45.9 degrees Celsius (Maximum temperature), generalized to 44ºC in other areas.

Immediate vulnerabilities

The impact of these episodes was immediate, with heat-related illnesses, poor air quality, light rainfall and reduced crop yields, NASA said.

For people living in these countries, the heat wave is associated with high humidity, and when the temperature is higher than 35ºC at high humidity the consequences are dangerous: people can not control their internal temperature, sweat does not evaporate and can produce. Dangerous systematic failure.

Moreover, as electricity demand has increased and coal reserves have dwindled, the country has experienced the worst power shortages in more than six years. In the middle of all this 300 large wildfires Distributed nationwide (reduced to 111 from May 1) and consecutive episodes Hot dust storms.

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According to the meteorologist Scott DuncanThe Temperatures in Pakistan will exceed 50 degrees CelsiusWith 49 ºC already reached, the U.S. Hurricane Surveillance is emphasizing one of the highest temperatures ever recorded on Earth in April.

NASA explains that a large-scale meteorological system has maintained dry and unusually hot air in both countries, causing a chapter of intense heat.

Extreme temperatures are not unique to Asia and have been recorded in Greenland, Antarctica and Australia: globally, all the hottest years on Earth have occurred since 19 2000, NASA notes.

Just the beginning

He explained to Tendencias21 that the presence in India and Pakistan was an extraordinary heat wave, a complete record. Ferdinand ValladaresPhysician in Biology, researcher at the High Council for Scientific Research and Associate Professor at Ray Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

He adds Sixth generation wildfireThe fire can reach speeds of up to 4,000 hectares per hour, with episodes already occurring in Australia and California, as well as episodes in India and Pakistan. Anticipation of uncertain weather scenes waiting for the human raceRelated to high emissions emissions: Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are at an all-time high of 650,000 years (417.31 parts per million or ppm), NASA warns.

Valladares mentions chapters affecting India and Pakistan They will decreaseAlthough the goal of the Paris Agreements to control global warming to 2ºC above pre-industrial levels is maintained, in reality we have the potential to reach 3ºC.

It also refers to the end of this century. One-fourth of the Earth’s surface is uninhabitableBecause deserts grow by about 20 percent: without energy availability and the technology to create microclimates, there will be displacements, deaths, damage to ecosystems and serious problems, says Valladoris.

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And Europe

Jose Miguel VinasAerodynamic physicist and meteorologist WeatherDiscussed by T21, this chapter on extreme heat fits the structure of current global warming, with a growing trend Increase in frequency and intensity in many parts of the earth.

Europe is not immune to these dangers: the European Center’s seasonal forecast for the May – June-July quarter will be above average in most parts of Europe. If this prediction comes true, Vinas says there will be a heat wave.

These episodes of heat waves are coming up frequently and have been attesting to what science has been saying for years, in turn highlights Susanna BoyoPhysics specializing in the atmosphere and environment.

The effect seems to be quiet and we need to start saying it out loud and clear Climate change increases the risk of death Bio concludes reports for T21 for all the effects it causes, and directly affects every living thing on the planet.

Implications for food distribution

According to a study published last September on natural food, the effects of all these local episodes will put pressure on global food distribution, as drought and heat waves are more likely to occur in the future.

The study analyzes historical data to plan how Dry heat waves will affect corn and soybean fields around the world: Between 2050 and 2100, due to dry and hot climates, the area of ​​a crop that can be harvested and sold may decrease by 5% worldwide.

Another study published in EarthFuture last January found that by 2060, poorer parts of the world (such as India or Pakistan) will be two to five times more likely to be exposed to heat waves than rich countries.

It adds that rich countries can avert their risk by investing quickly in measures to adapt to climate change, the poorest quarter of the world’s population, the areas that take the longest time to adapt, each time facing the risk of heat.

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Global threat

As a result, all of this is happening at a time when the cost of weapons is rising Russian invasion of UkraineWithout investments in mitigation measures to mitigate the effects of the planetary crisis on humans, it arouses equal interest in companies, the sociologist exemplifies Alicia Montestioca.

The climate of the earth has changed throughout history. In the last 650,000 years alone, there have been seven cycles of glaciers moving up and down, and the abrupt end of the last ice age about 11,700 years ago marked the beginning of the modern climate era. Human civilization.

NASA explains that most of these climate changes are caused by tiny variations in the Earth’s orbit, which changes the amount of solar energy our planet receives, and they are becoming a clear threat to life on our planet.

Does the view slip? Has already happened

Professor Edward Costas Remember that The heat wave destroyed the great civilizations of the Bronze AgeEric H. Klein explained in his famous book “1177 BC: The Year Civilization Destroyed” (Critica, 2016).

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In a situation relatively similar to the current situation, this climate caused exceptional famines and mass migration, and 90 percent of cities were abandoned. This situation changed the social panorama of the ancient civilizations, the Hittites, the Mycenaeans, the Trojans, the Assyrians, apart from Egypt, and caused their downfall within 10 years.. We are currently witnessing a similar decline in our civilizationBeach sentence. There are still 10 years to eliminate that riskHe concludes.