June 8, 2023

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India Introduces Mahatma Gandhi’s Spanish Vision | Culture and entertainment

The iconic portrait of pacifist leader “Mahatma” Gandhi marks the exhibition of Spanish artist Cristobal Gaborone, which opened in New Delhi on Wednesday to mark the 150th birthday of India’s father.

The “The Head of the Giant” exhibition, which is part of the Indian government’s celebrations for Gandhi’s anniversary, which was due to end in 2020 and was delayed by an epidemic, consisted of fifty small portraits. The final work of the artist.

That final tribute, 2×2 meters of oil on canvas, which could not come in time to open, will be on display later, showing a black and white portrait with a circular mirror of Gandhi, which included several symbolic themes.

“Primarily, it was inspired by the aerial film of Gandhi’s funeral procession created by the Russians: these white dots and black dots (…) were the heads of the people (…) who (they) went and moved this important person in thought, so important to India and very important to human rights.” Chris Gaborone, chairman of the Gaborone Foundation, explained to Efe.

The artist, who was finally unable to attend the start for personal reasons, explained that his son and the chairman of the foundation “added three very small colors to the final work to mark the touch of hope.”

Other paintings that make up the exhibition are interspersed with different “abstract themes” that do not appear in the final work, such as a bird, a tree of life, or “words like a tattoo on the skin.” , Chris Details.

“Gandhi represents not only non-violence, but, for me, complete freedom, support, patience, and a positive ideology for humanity,” Christophe Cabaron (Murcia, 1945) wrote for the exhibition.

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In addition to this “giant leader” in New Delhi, Gabarrón will continue the second phase of his two-year plan next week, in which he will tour five continents to “take a cultural photograph of the planet,” the president explained. Of the foundation.

The project was created in the context of medieval, action and participatory art, between “walking”, “performance” and “action painting”, where drama, dance, music, literature, cinema and painting, “whose germs of art and reflection are in values ​​in education. Found “.

After embarking on a tour of his hometown of Murcia last February, Gaborone will visit the Santiniketan Experimental School, founded by India’s Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore in the early 20th century, where a “blank 3×12 meter canvas will be installed”. Paint in two and a half hours inspired by “site, other artists and complete conversation”.

The tour will then take him to twenty countries such as Germany, USA, Malta, Egypt, Nepal, Australia or Canada, and a documentary will be filmed about his experience acting as a “reflection” point.