May 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India, History of a Colonial

The India A Millennial history. The first population settled there 5,000 years ago, using the passage Indus River And this Fertile lands. Created by these people Indus Valley Culture.

About 2,500 years ago, the region was divided Small kingdoms or states Who lived more or less quietly. Foundations at that time Hindu religionIt is the majority religion in India to this day.

At Century IC Showed Ashoka Vardhana, The first great emperor who sought to unite all the kingdoms of the Indian subcontinent. At the same time, another emperor ambushed the West: Alexander the Great It expanded its dominance from Greece to Egypt and throughout the Persian Empire.

Alejandro arrived Northwest India Currently, but he had to abandon his victory plans in the face of opposition from the Indian people.

Over a thousand years Various Indian kingdoms and dynasties Although always under threat, they fought each other superior to the others Imperio Mongol It snuck north.

Europe reaches the East Indies

The people of Asia and Europe traded for centuries. At s. XIII, Venice Analyst Marco Polo Established a Trade route To carry out Spices and other valuable ingredients From the Far East to the European kingdoms.

However, as Century XVI, Ground way is not an option. Great kingdoms wanted to come To India by boatThis way they can get more benefits.

This is what the European powers want Portugal, France, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands Oh Spain They began to send their navies into the Indian Ocean. The first to arrive was the Portuguese navigator Vasco da GamaIt reached the southern coast of India in 1498.

European trips took advantage Civil wars between the native kingdoms To install First colonies And gain control of the business.

However, the European powers also fought each other. in the beginning XIX century, The British East India Company He was able to expel the rest and dominate most of India.

This was the company Monopoly Trade from India, but also acted as a representative of the British Empire. That was how it was British rule On the Indian people.

Freedom and Division

On 1857 Happened First War of Independence, In which many Indian kingdoms and armies revolted to drive out the Europeans. The rebels attacked the camps and command positions, but the British authorities were able to control the insurgency.

As a result, the British Crown intervened to take control of the country. The East India Company was dissolved British Raj, A Colonial system Through this the British government ruled in India.

The British imposed on themselves Discourse, Their Customs And its Traditions, There are many more of them.

The British control and repression of the people gave them even more strength Indian Independence Movement. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most representative figures in the movement that called for an end to colonial rule.

The United Kingdom fought against Nazi Germany World War II (1939-1945). Thus, many people under the rule of the British Raj took the opportunity to revolt.

Countries like India, Bangladesh Oh Burma At that time they were free. As for India, its territory was divided into two and the Muslim-majority areas formed their own country: Pakistan.

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