May 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India has surpassed the managed 1 billion Govt-19 vaccines

The India Thursday broke the ban on 1,000 million vaccines COVID-19 Managed, after which it became the second country China To achieve this historic feat within nine months.

The South Asian giant surpassed the 1 billion dose limit at 9.47 (04.17 GMT) local time Govit-19 The vaccine has been used in the country since its inception on January 16, according to data from the official Govt site created by Indian authorities for vaccine management.

In the last twenty-four hours, the country, home to more than 1.25 billion people, has been vaccinated with more than 4.1 million doses, while China has managed twice as much.

In total, more than 700 million people have received at least one dose of anti-HIV serum. COVID-19 On top of that IndiaAlthough nearly 300 million people already have complete guidelines, this is not enough in a country of about 950 million adults.

However, the president of the Medical Association India (IMA, in English), Dr. JA Jayalal explained to EF that the interval between the first and second doses should be between them due to the 80 day wait.

In addition, he added, “Six months ago it was very difficult to administer more than 3 million drugs for three months. Therefore, those who were vaccinated with the first dose at this time will receive a second in the next few months.”

The India He lived with the celebrations, including the countdown on Govt’s website, in which he counted the remaining doses to reach the huge record of 1 billion, with the slogan of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India wins COVID-19“.

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“Congratulations India! This is the result of the leadership of our visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Health Minister Mansuk Mandavia tweeted.

Case fall

Meanwhile, India has recorded its lowest number of epidemic months, with 18,454 new cases in the last 24 hours moving away from more than 400,000 daily infections during the second wave peak in the country last May. The total was 34.1. In million positive India.

As a result, 160 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours COVID-19According to the latest data from the Indian Ministry of Health, the death toll in the country has risen to 452,811 from more than 4,000 a day last May.

The IndiaKnown as the “pharmacy of the world” and owned by the largest vaccine factory, it faced severe problems for several months to meet its local demand, especially during the second wave of intense congestion and images of hospitals on the brink of collapse.

The Indian campaign relies heavily on two locally made formulas: AstraZeneca’s Covshield; Domestic Kovacsin from Indian Laboratory Bharat Biotech. It also contains Russian Sputnik V, and other licensed vaccines such as American Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

(With information from EFE)

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