June 6, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India has surpassed Brazil and is already the second country most affected by the Govt-19 epidemic

New Delhi.- The India This Monday has passed Brazil The second country with the highest total cases Corona virus, Reached 13.5 million after a new daily record of nearly 169 thousand new infections, triggering a second wave, which came out only with the trigger of a massive vaccination campaign.

In a short span of time, the Asian country has risen from less than 9,000 cases registered daily in early February, to 166,912 confirmed by the Indian Ministry of Health, the highest ever recorded in the country.

This data indicates that the number of victims in a single day is a 65% More than last September, six months after the epidemic, the country recorded its worst moment in 24 hours with a peak of nearly 100,000 cases.

Similarly, the death toll on the last day was 904, raising the total death toll to 170,179.

Despite the experience of the first wave, some experts consider this method to be “a threefold increase in employee challenges,” Rajiv Dasgupta, head of the Center for Community Medicine and Community Health at Jawaharlal Nehru University, told EFE. New Delhi.

“Last year a response was arranged by all the health and unhealthy staff from various departments and now when all the services are restarted these employees have returned to their respective departments,” he explained.

Now, health workers have to deal with all the delays in the health system caused by the fight against the epidemic, which includes vaccination services.

“All of this has left relatively limited human resources for major epidemiological services: testing, monitoring and treatment. This can be detrimental when trying to control the rapid spread,” the doctor said.

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Rapid expansion Govit-19 At the same time, authorities are trying to speed up their massive vaccination campaign, which targets people over 45 years of age.

Despite reports of bottlenecks in some parts of India, the country crossed the first milestone on Saturday by delivering more than 100 million vaccinated doses in 85 days, following several government efforts to promote the campaign.

India produces two drugs Corona virus: Govshield, British-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca and University of Oxford, which produced by agreement with the Serum Institute of India (SII); Domestic Kovacsin from Indian Biotech Bharat Biotech.

IPS, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, said it had set aside about 100 million vaccines last week IndiaAnd its production capacity is “within range” which is not yet sufficient for local demand.

According to official data, only 9 million units are used from covaxin 90% From the Cow Shield in quantities managed so far in the country.

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Russian Sputnik is currently under the consideration of regulators manufactured by Dr. Reddy of India. If approved, it will be the third vaccine licensed for emergency use and will provide relief for domestic and global needs.


Government India Bharat Biotech plans to produce 150 million doses of covaxin a year and SII estimates 70 to 100 million a month, Parliament said in a statement last March.

With two doses required for 12.2 million people and 1.350 million people being vaccinated, India faces major challenges in terms of the pace of the campaign, with an average daily dose of 4 million.

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The urgency to increase the incidence of infections and accelerate the vaccination campaign also worries countries that rely on SII distribution, some of which have begun to report delivery delays.

Until now, the India It has exported a total of 64.7 million doses to 86 countries, of which 18.3 million are under the global Kovacs initiative.

Although the number of exports has been declining in recent weeks, the country, known as the “global pharmacy” due to its position as a global supplier, has denied that it controls the export of the vaccine.

The India It has already imposed restrictions on the export of drugs to prioritize domestic demand, and yesterday banned the import of antiviral Remdecivir used to treat patients with corona virus due to additional demand for the product.

This is a challenge for the country as it is “the world’s leading supplier of drugs and vaccines, which must meet national and international demands,” Dasgupta concluded.