June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India has reported nearly 4,000 new corona virus deaths since the data was corrected

India 3,998 new deaths were reported this Wednesday Corona virus, After the Western State Maharashtra, One of the most affected in the country, corrected data that added thousands of new deaths that had not been counted in the past.

Maharashtra, the financial city of Bombay, the epicenter of the country’s epidemic, has corrected the death toll at least a dozen times in the past two months.

According to the Ministry of Health, Maharashtra has added 3,656 cow deaths to its current level after correcting its data, while other parts of the country have registered 489 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

It has a death toll of 418,480 since the outbreak, of which 130,000 were from Maharashtra.

Although officials did not specify how long the new data would be similar, the corrections to official figures followed the passing of the second wave of the disease in the country, the worst corona virus crisis the country has ever seen when the world was in India.

In a total decline of cases, only 42,000 new cases have been reported in this country of 1.35 billion people today, far from the peak of 400,000 infections per day recorded in mid-May.

A study released by the Global Development Center (CGD) yesterday estimated that Kovit-19 may have caused four million deaths in India since the outbreak, ten times more than official figures.

State-wide expansion of civil registrations from seven states has led to “more than 3.4 million deaths” from COVID-19 in India, the study said.

Since the onset of the epidemic, authorities have weighed the lowest mortality rate in the Asian country below the world average.

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Still, the climax of Govt’s second wave left devastating images of saturated hospitals and cremations, leaving no room for the number of bodies arriving daily.

A crematorium worker in New Delhi, at the worst moment of the epidemic, said the funeral had exceeded its capacity three and four times and promised to use alternative venues to perform the funeral.