February 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India has overtaken Brazil as the second most affected country by the epidemic

India surpassed Brazil on Monday as the second country most affected by the corona virus, with more than 13.5 million cases, the second fastest in the country, much faster than the first.

According to a section of the Indian Ministry of Health, the country has confirmed more than 168,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, the highest number since the outbreak, ending for the sixth day in a row in breaking its own national record.

More than 170,000 people died

Using today’s statistics, India has a total of 13,527,717 million cases, second only to the United States (31.1 million) and Brazil (13.4 million).

The death toll on the last day was 904, and the total number of deaths in a year due to Govt. Was 170,179.

Second Hello

This second wave of epidemics, very fast, left the first peak of the epidemic, with the country reaching 1.35 billion people last September, touching 100,000 cases a day.

This time, India hopes that its vaccination campaign, which will vaccinate vulnerable people over the age of 45, will protect a greater number of people from death from the disease.

Mass vaccination

Thus, after several government efforts to increase the numbers in the shortest possible time, it reached its first milestone on Saturday by delivering more than 100 million vaccinated drugs in 85 days.

Indian authorities, however, are facing the challenge of reaching their own target of 300 million people by July, which will be twice as many as those who have been vaccinated at the same time so far.

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