April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India has more than 18 million cases after the new record of epidemics

India crossed 18 million cases on Thursday Govt After breaking the new record of infections, reaching nearly 380,000 infections, the highest number ever recorded in the world, with a maximum of more than 3,600 deaths per day.

The Asian nation recorded 379,257 new infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 18.3 million, making it the second most infected country after the United States, according to the Ministry of Health.

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In addition, the number of daily deaths increased to 3,645, the new highest in the second wave of epidemics in the country, A total of 204,832 deaths They rank India as the fourth most deadly country after the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

The country has accumulated nearly 40% of the positive diagnoses of the corona virus that are recorded daily in the world

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the dramatic increase in cases puts India at the center of a global epidemic, with nearly 40% of positive diagnoses of the corona virus being recorded daily in the world.

In India, Govt-19 again broke records in the western part of Maharashtra, recording a total of 63,309 new cases in the last 24 hours crossing the 1,000 daily death ban for the first time. As part of that, New Delhi, one of the most affected cities by the epidemic, saw a slight decline in the number of deaths, with a total of 368 reported in a single day, while the number of epidemics was rising, with a positive of 25,986.

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The progression of the infection has caused an oxygen crisis in hospitals

The rapid development of the corona virus in the Asian country caused an oxygen crisis in hospitals in a few weeks and treated patients with severe corona virus, which spurred an international commitment to send medical supplies.

In this regard, the United States announced a few hours ago that it would send more than $ 100 million worth of medical supplies to help tackle the rising number of cases in the country.

Close the factory

Suzuki Govt provides patients with their oxygen

In view of the oxygen shortage facing the country, Japanese company Suzuki Motor has announced the temporary closure of three of its plants in India to allocate oxygen used in vehicle production to Kovit patients.

The temporary closure of its three plants will take place from this weekend to May 9 and will in principle not affect the company’s production volume, which was then planned to be temporarily shut down due to maintenance of these factories.

Millions of children are at risk of poverty

In parallel, Save the Children, an NGO, warns that millions of children in India are living in poverty and hunger as a result of the crisis that unleashed the second wave of Govt.

“As the crisis in India continues unabated, its impact on children is intensifying. Closures are necessary to control the spread of the virus, but control measures have inevitable consequences, which will have a lasting impact on children and families, dragging millions of people into poverty,” said Sudarshan, managing director of Save the Children in India. Susie.

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GRAFCVA8654.  Valencia, 10/16/2020.- The Minister of Regional Health, Ana Parcelle, during a press conference, reported on the additional exceptional and temporary measures taken for 14 calendar days in the LK municipalities.  While there has been a significant increase in Govt-19 cases in recent weeks, Orihuella, Alicante, Onda (Castellin) and Quadasvar (Valencia).  EFE / Juan Carlos Cordenas

As the NGO recalls, an investigation released last month showed that India’s poverty rate would rise to around 7% if strict control measures were introduced in light of the death toll in India.

Advises not to go abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and the Ministry of Cooperation advise Spaniards not to travel to India due to the severity of the situation and advise those who are already temporarily there to return soon.

In a recent update of travel recommendations published on its website, the department, led by Orange Gonzalez Laya, warns that the country has been registering a positive number of epidemics since the outbreak and that “since March 22, it is the country with the highest number of daily cases in the world”.


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