February 7, 2023

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India has enough coal to meet the demand of its power plants

The Indian Ministry of Coal has said that there is enough fuel to meet the demand of power plants and concerns about power outages are misplaced. The announcement comes after New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal warned the Indian Prime Minister. , About the power shortage in the capital.

Coal exports were low due to prolonged monsoon, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday. The power plants have 7.2 million tonnes of coal reserves, which will last for four days and Coal India Ltd, the supplier of such plants, has 40 million tonnes in reserve, the ministry said.

Power stations require an average of 1.9 million tonnes of coal per day, compared to the supply of 1.8 million tonnes per day, he said.

Coal based power generation This year has seen an increase of almost 24% compared to last month, aided by “solid supply” from companies providing resources, according to the government.

“The fear that the coal reserves of the power plant will be depleted is false,” the ministry said. “Despite the sharp increase in energy demand due to heavy monsoon, low coal imports and economic recovery, domestic coal supply has supported power generation in a major way.”

In a letter to Modi on Saturday, Kejriwal said at least one power station had run out Others had one to four days bookings. Power regulator stations should be kept in reserve for 10 to 20 days, he said.