June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India has added more than 159,000 new Govt cases in 24 hours

India this Sunday confirmed the detection of 159 thousand 632 new corona virus cases in the last 24 hours in the full range of the third wave of the disease, triggered by the rapid spread of the Omigron variant, while authorities are tightening controls.

With today’s data, the total number of cases has reached 35.5 million in the two years since the outbreak, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health.

The spread of the disease in India is faster than previous waves of the virus, which in the past took months to cross the 100,000 barrier, but this time it took less than two weeks.

The Medical Research Council of India (ICMR), The Asian nation’s premier medical organization this week pointed out that cities are the source of the largest spread, And “Omigron is the primary rotational strain.”

The basic reproductive value (R0), which measures the rate at which a disease spreads in a population, was recorded at 4 this week. Accordingly, Each person with the active virus has infected the other four healthy individuals.

Between March and May in India, with a population of 1.350 million, it was almost twice as fast as the corona virus outbreak during the second wave of Govt in India, which culminated in more than 400,000 infections and more than 4,500 deaths a day. . In this case, the authorities estimate that between 500,000 and 1 million patients may reach the peak of the disease Every 24 hours.

Many parts of the country have increased restrictions due to fears that an increase in infections could also increase hospital admissions, complementing the established capabilities of their weakened health system.

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Government of Delhi The first weekend curfew order went into effect last Friday night And will be in effect until 5:00 a.m. Monday. State of Maharashtra bClosing meetings of more than five persons, schools and universities, And restrict the use of public transportation to vaccinated people only.

“We are once again fighting against the Govt-19 wave. We will ensure the safety of others without discussing how dangerous or new this new variant may be,” the Maharashtra chief minister said on Twitter. Uttam Thackeray.

Bombay is the capital city of the financial city of Maharashtra. The impact of the corona is unprecedented in any other part of India. And its citizens have been under most closures, curfew orders and restrictions for the past two years.

In India, 483,790 people have died from the corona virus, of whom 327 have died in the last 24 hours. That is the belief of the authorities Population high immunity and herd immunity ratio significantly reduces numbers Hospital and serious cases.

The country’s vaccination campaign has vaccinated more than 631 million people a year with two doses of the vaccine, and at least one in 885.6 million.