June 4, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Hundreds of people protested in various areas on Saturday In protest at the government’s recent decision to release 11 people sentenced to life imprisonment for gang-rape, a During the 2002 communal riots.

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Protesters in the nation’s capital, New DelhiThey raised slogans and demanded the western state government Gujarati Cancel the result. They also sang songs in solidarity with the victim.

Likewise, Similar protests were held in other states as well.

11 were released on August 15 India It has been 75 years since independence They were convicted in 2008 of rape, murder and unlawful assembly. They were serving suspended sentences.

The victim, now in her 40s, recently said that the state government’s decision Gujarati leaving her numb He has lost faith in the justice system.

The Associated Press generally It does not identify victims of sexual assault.

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The woman was pregnant when she was brutally raped by several men during a wave in 2002 In social violence GujaratiMore than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, Died in the worst religious riots India has experienced since independence Britain In 1947, seven members of the woman’s family, Including his three-year-old daughterThey died in bloody events.

“The entire country should demand direct answers from the Prime Minister of this country.”He said Kavita KrishnanA major activist.

Officers in GujaratiOur party Bharatiya Janata They said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in power After more than 14 years of imprisonment, the pardon of the convicts was accepted.

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The men were eligible under a 1992 diversion policy that was in effect at the time of their convictions, officials said. A new version of the policy was adopted in 2014 The federal government prohibits acquittal by recommendation of those convicted of certain crimes, including rape and murder.