March 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India: Government calls on airlines to broadcast local music | La Cispa News

If all governments had done the same as in India, flying and walking in airports would have been more realistic: in Spain we could have folk music; Lots of Theodorakis in Argentina, Tangos and Greece. This is because on December 23 last year, Indian Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Cynthia asked airlines and airports to broadcast such entertainment only through loudspeakers to promote domestic music.

This is not a small recommendation, although it is not a blunt order: the Minister wrote a letter to all the airlines and airports in the country, saying that the music of other airlines in the world is “excellent” for their countries. “However – the letter adds – Indian airlines rarely play Indica music on their flights, yet our music reflects tradition and culture, of which we should be proud.” “Due to the wide breadth of country music presentations, we have a wide variety of genres and styles, including clerical, popular, vocal, instrumental and many more.”

At the very least, the tone of the letter is beneficial: “For this reason,” he concludes, “I warmly request that you consider the possibility of increasing the volume of Indian music on board or at airports.”

In fact, all countries have their own music more than others, but if one aviation ministry is to solve these problems, the quality of services, among others, must be even higher than the competition.

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