June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India finds its rare earth source in vehicle disposal

Known “Rare soil“Products found in many electronic and technological devices. They contain chemical elements such as scandium, atrium, cerium, eurobium, samarium and other lanthanides. Its production is essential for the technology industry and, as we told you a long time ago, most Currently in China. In fact, the United States imports up to 80% of the “rare earths” needed for its own business.

Well, that’s right Describe the record, A new and unexpected competitor wants to snatch the throne of a great manufacturer of this type of material from China: India. But the interesting thing is, this is the way he wants to implement it: “Elastic circulationCars and other vehicles.

Less pollution and more profit

A few days ago, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra ModiAnnounced the launch of an ambitious vehicle scraping program whose main purpose was to reduce pollution in a country where you cannot breathe in major cities due to air pollution.

In this sense, Indian citizens are “used” to health warnings as New Delhi experienced in 2019: due to environmental pollution, citizens were asked not to leave their homes except for essential procedures and schools suppressed all their activities.

Modi’s plan seeks to transform the country into a new attraction pole for the automotive industry, betting on both the introduction of electric cars and the growth of new factories producing them. But as we pointed out at the beginning, the production of rare earths is another objective of the new venture.

In this regard, the Asian president explained last year that the country should “import scrap” $ 3 billion, The country does not produce enough scraping works to recover materials and metals needed to meet its mineral demand, such as the country’s strongest steel alloys.

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With the new scraping policy, the country hopes to use a “technical and scientific” approach to recycling vehicles, so extraction (taking into account the large number of dying vehicles) rare earth components needed for its own electronics production and why not, to export to other countries.