June 4, 2023

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India: Eleven killed in gas leak in north of country | Giaspura | Ludhiana | Punjabi | Surabi Malik | NDRF | Gujarati | Bhopal | the world

A gas leak from a factory in a city in the north killed at least eleven people, including two children. IndiaOfficials are still trying to contain the damage in the area this Sunday.

This accident took place in the area GiaspuraA densely populated area in the city LudhianaFrom Northern State PunjabIt has many industrial and residential areas.

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So far there is11 confirmed deaths, most likely due to gas contamination (…) Some chemicals may have reacted with methane in the sewers.In a statement to reporters, the Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana said, Surabi Malik.

The dead included five girls, six boys and two children aged between 10 and 13., according to officials. 4 more people who were found unconscious are undergoing treatment at the hospital.

As stated therein National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), the affected area has been cordoned off and a 50-member rescue team has rushed to the spot along with doctors, ambulance and fire brigade.

Rescuers are using drones to survey the area to make sure no injured or unconscious people remain.

Landslides, fires and other industrial accidents occur with some frequency in Laos IndiaFactors fueled mostly by the precarious state of infrastructure and lack of maintenance, corruption and illegal practices in the construction industry.

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A year ago, six people died and 23 others were hospitalized after a toxic gas leak from a tanker truck in the state. GujaratiIn Western India.

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One of the biggest industrial accidents in the country’s history was when a toxic gas leak from a pesticide plant caused thousands of deaths in an Indian city. Bhopal in 1984 and continues till date.

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