June 5, 2023

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India, daughter of Facundo Arana and Maria Zucini, turns 15: emotional news and a special gift

Facundo Arana, Maria Zucini and their children

Fasundo Arana He is one of those people who keeps a low profile and when he wants to, he opens his heart on social networks or in a note he makes. In this case, the actor who is doing drama season by drama 39 stepsShe took to her Instagram account to express her excitement to congratulate her daughter India on the outcome of her marriage Maria ZuciniA person who has reached the age of 15 years.

First, Facundo posted a photo of her daughter riding a horse on Instagram, showing one of the stages of her little girl entering adolescence. There she is seen in profile beating her horse. “Happy 15 years to India and her Caliphate, Indian Soul…so proud to be your father…Happy birthday,” the actor – who is also father to twins Yakko and Moro – wrote along with several rainbow emojis and happy faces. The post crossed four thousand likes, where his family, friends, colleagues And Arana’s fans wished the teenager the best of luck.

India and twins Yaco and Moro, children of Facundo Arana and Maria Zucini (@facundoaranatagle)

The actor then posted another carousel post with several photos of the celebration India had. “Happy birthday. Celebrate with family and friends with big hugs and smiles…nothing else,” admitted Facundo, usually very kind and expressive with his words. In the first picture his daughter appears with her twin brothers and household pets: a dog, a ferret and a llama. In the following photo, his wife Maria appears, kissing the forehead of the young woman in the family as she eats a frugal breakfast at a table full of delicacies to enjoy.

The actor shared a sweet postcard from his daughter and his wife (@facundoraanatagle)
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Later the actor showed off some gifts and part of the outfit for the Indian celebration. There you will find a shirt that says “Horse Pilot” in English because he is “maneuvering” his horse, ice cream popsicles each with a special decoration, chocolates, mini cakes, cookies and more. The final photo is of her daughter riding in an amazing moment: when her horse jumps over the fence of the stable where she trains.

Always careful to reveal their private lives, Facundo and María occasionally open their family album, a practice reserved for specific situations. As Maria documented India’s first steps into modeling, when she was 13, she was inspired by the Flashes and followed in her mother’s footsteps for a while.

India, daughter of Facundo Arana and Maria Zucini with her horse (@facundoaranatagle)

It’s great to see you in production, you make it so professional, you enjoy it and you work as a team.”, the host wrote on his Instagram profile at the time Emoji Hearts, dog tracks and a rainbow. “Congratulations on such a beautiful place and clothes,” said Maria, proud to see herself reflected in her daughter.

“Every time China Sorilla sees me, I ask: ‘When is the Indian girl going to be born?’ And he said before he knew it was a woman who was on his way. “If we weren’t talking about China, I’d be surprised, but it had this crazy magic,” the actor recalled before delving into the future of his three children: “Whatever they do, we bring them up to do it right and do it with a smile on their face. We are going to support them wholeheartedly. Today we can provide better training so that they face what they want most, but their lives are theirs,” he said.

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