June 5, 2023

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India, Cuba identify collaboration for digital transformation (+photos)

An official from the Caribbean country, who is here at the helm of a team of experts, told Prensa Latina in New Delhi that representatives of both countries have identified important cooperation opportunities for digital transformation.

Reyes indicated that the parties are seeking to share open source platforms to enable other initiatives such as government services, training programs and education in emerging technologies, as well as building a high-performance computing center.

“This is a profitable exchange which will undoubtedly lead to strengthening of the relationship between the two countries in the field of information and communication technology,” he said.

Likewise, Cuba’s Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and accompanying experts met with the Board of Directors of the National Association of Software and Service Companies.

Earlier, at a forum in New Delhi organized by the Indian Economic and Trade Organization at the headquarters of the South Asian country’s exporters, the Cuban official highlighted the possibility of joint work between companies from the two countries to enter the market technology. In Latin America.

“Indian companies are at a high level and we intend to complement, integrate and expose them in terms of potential to train employees in the IT sector,” he asserted.

Areas of interest like artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and other fields can seamlessly connect both parties.

The Cuban delegation will also participate in the IndiaSoft 2023 International Exhibition and Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, a preferred meeting point for Indian technology developers and consumers from around the world.

Considered to be the largest technology event, the forum has representatives from more than 60 countries and 1,500 national electronics, hardware and IT exhibitors.

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