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India confirms more than 100 Omigron cases and warns people | News

12:21 | New Delhi, Dec. 17.

Despite tight restrictions at airports, Indian authorities on Friday announced 101 cases of the new Omigron variant in India, signaling that it is time to step up precautionary and security measures.

101 cases of Omigran Found in eleven states of the countryMore than 30 of them are in the western state of Maharashtra and about 20 in New Delhi, Lau Agarwal, deputy secretary of the Indian Ministry of Health, told reporters.

With this, there are at least 19 districts in the country “High risk” The increase in cases, he said.

“Most cases are Travel History Or have links to travel history. But in some places we have not been able to establish such a record. In that case, we are continuing our investigation, “said VK Paul, a member of the government’s Advisory Council on Finance.

Based on the localization experience of many European countries and the rapid expansion of the new variant, Indian officials explained its importance. Be careful Proceed with life safety protocols.

For example, if India experiences a widespread eruption like the one in the UK, it could leave this country of 1.35 billion people. Millions of cases dailyPaul pointed out that creating a plan of data.

This will be worse than the crisis of last May World Center The epidemic has reported more than 400,000 cases and more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours.

Was one of them Worst crises Of the disease ever seen in the world.

“It’s time to avoid unnecessary travel. Mass meetings And the small celebration of festivals is very important, ”said Balram Bhargava, a colleague of the Medical Research Council of India.

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Within a year, India has managed 1.35 billion vaccinesAnd more than 530 million people have already received both drugs.

In the last 20 days, India has dropped out of the first two confirmed cases New variant First detected in South Africa, for 101 reported today.

Even if the country is suspended International commercial flights Since the end of March 2020, bilateral agreements known as Air Bridge with twenty countries have allowed limited flights arriving and departing.

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