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India can send more than two drones into orbit before arranging a flight with astronauts


26 July 2021 18:24 GMT

The new plans could extend the production period for a drone, initially scheduled for 2022.

Instead of the two unmanned passengers planned in orbit, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will be able to conduct several such launches before sending a spacecraft from the country into space under the ambitious program of the first Indian astronauts. .

“We may have to undertake two unmanned missions. The Kaganyan Advisory Council (GAC) has advised that the first unmanned mission should be completed soon. If unmanned and data are evaluated based on the performance of the systems during the first and second missions, GAC will determine whether we need additional missions before the spacecraft can be sent.” He said The Times of India ISRO leader Kailashwadi Sivan.

Earlier, Shiva had said that India’s first unmanned orbit, which was scheduled for later this year, was unlikely to take place before June 2022, as preparations were delayed due to the outbreak.

Further, the ISRO chief pointed out that the final decision on how long the astronauts will be in space during the first manned mission has not yet been made. Shiva also announced that experts would like to use at least 40 ground observation stations in India and other countries to monitor the first astronauts’ aircraft, and that they plan to launch two satellites. In particular, these stations will cover 40% of the spacecraft’s air orbit, and the remaining 60% will be monitored by two surveillance satellites.

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In 2018, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially announced that the Asian nation plans to launch its first National Space Corps into orbit in August 2022. The original plan was for the three crew to spend five to seven days in orbit, before which the two drone equipment begins to be tested. These ships will be on board Robots Specially designed to test life support systems.

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