February 7, 2023

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India Bharat Biotech seeks approval for Kovacs vaccine against Kovit-19 in more than 40 countries | Economy

Bharat Biotech d The company says it is in the process of submitting regulatory documents to approve the Kovacs vaccine against Govt-19 in more than 40 countries.

“We deliver our documents to Brazil and other countries and are awaiting their approval. We plan to export millions of doses to Brazil,” the company said in an email.

“Price Covaxin For international markets, it is based on supply terms, procurement commitments and acquisition modules, ”he added.

, Had said last Tuesday that he could administer the dose Covaxin For the weekend Brazil and the United Arab Emirates did not mention the names of other countries and did not give exact figures on the quantities expected to be exported.

The company has entered into an agreement with US pharmaceutical developer Okugen Inc. for commercialization Covaxin The United States is the country with the highest number of infections in the world.

Covaxin It is one of only two vaccines approved for emergency use in India, although performance data for its final phase of testing have not yet been released.

Bharat Biotech Despite criticism from some doctors and health experts that the country’s drug regulator has called the vaccine safe and effective, it expects the results of a trial involving 25,800 participants in India by March.

Covaxin It is currently being used by India for its vaccination campaign, which already includes more than 9 million health workers and aims to vaccinate 300 million people by August. Bharat Biotech It has delivered 5.5 million doses to the government and will sell an additional 4.5 million doses.

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In India, there are nearly 11 million cases Corona virus, Has the second highest number of infections in the world, although some experts believe the worst case scenario is over.