June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India announces first human death

11 year old boy New strain recipient Bird flu Passed away At the last hour India.

The situation raises concerns Scientific Society For that New Virus It causes eruption in animals And what they have Ability to send to man.

It is known Bird flu This is very common in Farms Birds. In fact, in India Than Half a dozen outbreaks of this virus In the last two decades but they can be controlled without mutation.

In this case, the girl became infected With H5N1 strain And they let him All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi On July 2nd. Finally, he died The cause of multiple organ failure.

Both his family and the doctors who treated him Isolated And they were in charge of monitoring People associated with him, According to government sources in that country.

Still Department of Animal Husbandry Missing anything Fever is suspected in the state of HaryanaWhere the victim lived, But awareness was intensified and the country was warned Strengthen prevention.

New strain H5N8

Last February, Cow Fu, Director Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention And Shi Weifeng, Holder Institute of Pathological Biology of Shandong First Medical University Warned about expansion in Birds of the H5N8 strain of bird flu, A new race Influenza type A virus.

It is not considered The arrival of a new epidemic But they give you one Red light for the scientific community And so on Be vigilant. Despite this Subtype Turns out to be one of them Less contagious to humans, It has been confirmed that it is very high Harmful to birds.

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They already exist in the world The 46 countries that provided the eruptions of this new strain On Birds, Of them China, Where he is Department of Agriculture Warning of an explosion in Nature Park in Tibet Province.