June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India administers more than 25 million vaccines against the corona virus in a single day

India yesterday distributed more than 25 million Govt-19 vaccines in conjunction with a special campaign to mark the 71st birthday of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I would like to thank all the doctors, medical staff and management in the country. Through their efforts, India set a record by vaccinating more than 25 million people in a single day yesterday,” Modi said in a video on Saturday.

A special campaign was launched to celebrate the Prime Minister’s birthday

In a message on Twitter, the president linked the victory to the commitment of the people as a whole: “It’s a sense of duty to manage 25 million vaccines.”

The Ministry of Health today said that the record number had been reached on Friday, according to data provided by Indian regions, adding that “42,000 vaccines per minute or 700 vaccines per second” had been advanced one day.

Due to the size of yesterday’s campaign, the final number of people vaccinated on Friday is expected to be available by Saturday, Indian officials said.

People register to get the vaccination certificate

Sujit Jaiswal / AFP

According to official data, the country of 1.35 billion people has so far provided 794 million vaccines against Govt-19 across the country since the national campaign began on January 16.

Out of a population of 950 million, only 198.8 have received full guidance

In recent weeks, India has recorded one of its highest vaccination data, with 10 million vaccines in a single day in many cases, although Friday’s data is higher than the vaccination average of the past two weeks.

Still, Asia, with a population of over 950 million, is far from being fully vaccinated. So far only 198.8 million people have received the full study of the anticoagulant vaccine.

Authorities want to vaccinate 60% of the population by the end of the year

The Modi government has set a target of fully vaccinating 60% of the population, which means an average of 10 million people a day should be vaccinated by the end of the year.


The rows followed each other during yesterday’s vaccination (Photo by Sujith Jaiswal / AFP)

Sujit Jaiswal / AFP

The availability of limited vaccine in the country’s vaccination program is a deciding factor, despite being known as the “pharmacy of the world” and having the largest vaccine factory located, faced severe problems for several months to meet its local demand.

The Indian campaign relies heavily on two locally made formulas: AstraZeneca’s Covshield; Domestic Kovacsin from Indian Laboratory Bharat Biotech. It also contains other licensed vaccines, such as Russian Sputnik.

There are more than 60 million unused units in the country

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, there are still more than 60 million unused quantities in the country, with the number increasing every day as manufacturers make new exports.

According to state policy, 75% of the production of vaccines prescribed for India goes to the state and is provided free of cost across the country. Private clinics are charged only 25%.

The pace of the vaccination campaign is accelerating as the country passes a phase of epidemics with a relatively low number of infections, with more than 35,000 new cases in the last day, more than 400,000 recorded in India last May at the peak of the epidemic.

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