February 4, 2023

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India: A man found alive in a morgue has been pronounced dead

A man died after suffering Traffic accident On India He was found alive, breathing, but in critical condition after spending a night in the hospital morgue, he said. AFP Director of the Center.

Srikesh KumarThe 45-year-old was taken to a private hospital after colliding with a motorcycle Moradabad (East of New Delhi).

Upon arrival at the clinic the doctor declared him dead and on Friday he was transferred to the General Hospital for autopsy.

“The emergency doctor examined him. He showed no signs of survival and, therefore, was pronounced dead,” he said. AFP Hospital Director Rajendra Kumar.

They were taken to the morgue

The body was kept in a cold room in the morgue until his family arrived six hours later.

“When a team of police and his family arrived to carry out administrative procedures to authorize the autopsy, they found him alive,” he added.

The man is still in a coma.

“It’s not a real miracle,” the hospital director commented. However, an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the diagnostic error. (AFP)

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