June 7, 2023

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India, a key player in the talks, is taking a closer look at WTO agreements

GENEVA, June 16. Indian Trade Minister Mr Piyush Goyal today said the 164 member states of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are close to reaching an agreement on key issues that have been under discussion in Geneva since last Sunday. That was planned in the last few hours.

“Almost all the members are working with each other to resolve the issues of disagreement,” said the chairman of the negotiating delegation from India, who has been blamed for key obstacles in these talks on access to fisheries subsidies and vaccines. For Govt-19 and state food reserves.

Goyal – who two days ago blamed the states for defending the austerity measures for eliminating fishing subsidies, is trying to stabilize the imbalances that are affecting the poorer countries – said in an updated statement to the press that it was a “collective wisdom” in recent hours.

The Minister pointed out that in the last few hours there have been signs of understanding the concerns and needs of other countries.

“India hopes that this will be the most successful Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in the long run. We are taking the most important decisions in the last seven years,” he commented.

However, he recalled that there were still some minor issues pending, but it could not be said that there were contracts without them.

“Nothing agrees until everything is agreed,” he clarified. EFE

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