March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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India, a big hope with a big problem

“India is the biggest hope for the future of world democracy”A senior manager of a large North American company who visited Spain says he was forced to incorporate a geopolitical perspective into his business strategy. “The problem is, India is a democracy,” he adds.

It is difficult for the West to compete with Autocracy Inc ‘Bad Guys’ – Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Maduro, Alexander Lukashenko and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (hello, BBVA) – best portrayed on ‘The Atlantic’. Along with the apostle: “They succeed.”

Despite this, Mark Mobius, a senior investor who calls himself Indiana Jones, who invests in emerging markets, told Bloomberg Television. “India is in a 50-year rally” and the situation today is the same as it was a decade ago in China., Thanks to measures such as consolidating its fragmented regional regulations.

Foreign Policy Writer and Director of the Institute for South Asian Studies, University of Singapore. Raja Mohan assures that “coordination between Indian and US interests in the Indo-Pacific region grew rapidly in the final year”. Continued in the first months of the Trump administration and Biden’s tenure. The Biden administration’s ambitious plans for a strategic partnership quadrilateral defense dialogue with Australia, India and Japan, also known as the Quad, have been put in place. New Delhi tops Washington’s strategic priority list”.

Mobius is right, if it is true that the big world federations are actively looking for alternatives to move part of the production apparatus currently on Chinese soil in the world’s largest democracy. Incidentally, it is also possible to have faith in democracy. for now Facebook has invested $ 5.7 billion to buy 10% of Geo operating systems, and Amazon Web Services has announced another $ 2.7 billion in data centers in Telangana..

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Think of something similar Spanish Public Works Companies taking up positions in India. The last move to acquire 24.9% of IRP Infrastructure developers is to join Aberdeas and Rhodes in a bid to invest in Ferroviel’s infrastructure worth $ 240,000 million. Euros.

In 2019, Spain will have only 0.74% foreign investment in India, according to ISEX. Collaborative efforts Of Tata projects SIS security with Aldesa, Prosegur on infrastructure, Inditex with Tata on textiles and special ingots with Setco Automotive. CIE Automotive has been very active in acquiring Billforge (8 178 million in 2016) and Aurangabad Electricals (மில்லியன் 110 million in 2019).

Spanish investments are concentrated in “infrastructure (Abertis and Grupo San José), renewables (Gamesa, Acciona), auto components (Antolín, Gestamp, Special Ingots), dewatering (Abengoa) and single brand retail (Inditex-Zara / Massi). . Dutti, Punto Fa-Mango, Cortefiel) ”, points to Isaacs.

This is well known Indian descent of senior managers in the ICT industry And software. The most common examples are Satya Nadella at Microsoft, Sundar Pichai at Google and more recently Arvind Krishna at IBM. But Western nations can redraw the technical equilibrium of the Asian nation in two key areas: value-added chemistry, the market for green hydrogen molecules, ammonia and advanced polymers; And, in particular, the regenerative supply chain, designed with environmental sustainability criteria in mind, is a growing concept that conceives the movement of products based on decarbonization, zero emission policy and resource reuse.

Add in all areas such as space or space Smart cities If there is more faith in democracy, we will get it. A new playing field for innovation with India as the protagonist, Enthusiastic business support from regional partners such as Taiwan or Singapore and the institutional base of senior states such as Australia and Japan.

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Says Richard Wilding, professor of supply chain strategy at the Granfield School of Management. “In the new nature, if your supply chain is the same as it was before the corona virus, you are doing something wrong.”. That evolution Centers The supply of raw materials and technological components over the next decade is going to be conditioned by geopolitics, more than any other time since World War II. And it reflects the challenge of innovation, which is forced to deal with uncertainty more and more efficiently.

At the behest of the digital revolution, this uncertainty manifests itself, among other things, in the form of large variations in demand flows through different channels (during prison sales) in the short term. Realism Abruptly changed Offline Weeks) and Increasingly complex management Pricing, Digital mechanization is one of the hidden secret bombs.

The European Central Bank makes this clear in its report.Almost everywhere? Digitalization and the Eurozone and EU economies‘: “From the perspective of monetary policy, Achieving the inflation target can be very challenging as the digital economy grows”.

This is because not only the availability of raw materials and components but also the prices in some of the links in the value chain fluctuate sharply. Companies need to commit to their policy Pricing Strategic resources beyond the marketing area, And incorporate it into the product design and its manufacturing process.

In short, it should be emphasized Digitalization is more than a Set up Tools, this is a new culture. And movements Centers The global supply and concentration of technology expected in India (if the fact of democracy does not preclude its expression), challenges innovation planning. We are not very good at China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, it will cost us time, resources and skills to fix it. Good strategists also do more business in the technology sector.

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