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But what about justice in a Kasi marriage?

Like every morning, Panisha Getting ready to go to work. He teaches civics at an elementary school. Today they talk about surnames. Panisha explains to them that Kasi is one of the few people in the world whose children have the mother’s surname. Only the father has another name in the family.

Panisha is the authority of the house, but the care of her family is on her shoulders. He shares his little house with his sister, his parents, nieces and nephews. Ten people live in a humble wooden hut. Panisha takes care of finances, house, kitchen and harmonious family life. Every day she leaves work to her husband, but when her parents are sick, she takes care of them. Panisha has a tired life full of responsibilities.

Lancelot He worked in a cement factory all his life. He is now retired and is fighting as vice president of an association to defend equality between men and women. Unlike most men who silently submit to patriarchy, Lancelot has a whole series of arguments carefully crafted to prove the absurdity of the coinage system. For example, incompatible with Christianity. Lancelot Kasi violated the rules: his wife and daughter, Spear, 28, have his last name.

Spear He is a lawyer in a court in the state capital, Shillong. She is a modern woman, however she continues to live with her parents. He is a member of his father’s association and supports his struggle to establish patriarchy. This has broken the ancient traditions of Kasi. He believes that marriage is the cause of many problems in the Kasi community and of great injustice between men and women.

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