April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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In order to avoid passing through Russia, the United States suspended two routes from the United States to India

From San Francisco and Newark to Delhi and Mumbai

RR | Miami | March 8, 2022

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United has stopped two of the four routes to India, despite the fact that the country does not restrict the movement of aircraft as the United States did, in order to prevent it from passing through Russian airspace.

Flights from San Francisco to Delhi and Newark to Mumbai have been suspended by the airline. “We are constantly evaluating and adjusting our schedules in response to the emerging situation in Ukraine. We have suspended service between San Francisco and Delhi and Newark and Mumbai, and our current plan is to continue flying between Chicago and Newark to Delhi.” According to Travel Weekly.

According to FlightAware on Saturday, the airline operated an almost straight line between Newark and Delhi, via southern Russia and Saudi Arabia, lasting 14 hours 28 minutes and 31 minutes. Flew normally through the polar path.

Similarly, the route between Chicago and Delhi now runs south via Turkey and Afghanistan, but according to FlightAware, an Air India flight between the same two airports takes 43 minutes to take off on Sunday.

As reported REPORTUR.usThe United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has arranged to offer 16 daily slots to low- or low-cost airlines to increase competition at Newark Airport. (USA: Seeks DOT competition from United at Newark Airport).

The DOT has given two weeks for this. The rights will be granted to an airline capable of operating the 16 departure and landing shifts planned by the company.

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“In view of these factors, the industry’s preference and first choice is to re-assign a platform time to a competitor who will compete in a wide range of markets using a full set of 16 daily track times. “, Said DOT at the time.