March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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In India, the Omigran patient goes missing and flees the country

A new Omigron variant of a corona virus patient has been found missing from India Leave the country, avoiding security restrictions.

66-year-old patient from South Africa He left the hotel where he had served during the isolation period And “he fled the country,” said Finance Minister of the Indian state of Karnataka R.K. Ashok told reporters.

The patient, who did not know where he came from on November 20 from South Africa, traveled to Dubai seven days later.

“We have lodged a complaint with the police and we will see where the person escaped and what happened at the hotel,” he said.

According to local media, the patient He was able to leave the country after undergoing a new experiment in a private laboratory This gave a negative result.

According to officials, he had a complete immunization schedule He had no symptoms of the virus and was therefore only ordered to be isolated.

About 20 people who came in contact with the patient were tested and it came back negative. Other secondary contacts were also tested The results were negative.

One of the two cases of the new variant reported so far in India, the second, was found in the state of Karnataka, He is a 46-year-old doctor with no travel history, and his case is being investigated.

Ashok said ten more passengers were missing “They need to be found and they need to be examined.”

“Passengers will not be allowed to leave the airport until their decision is announced,” he added.

State Health Minister K Sudhakar, officials said Priority is given to tracking travelers from African countries Who is out of control.

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Although India has suspended international commercial flights since the end of March 2020, bilateral agreements, known as airlifts, With many countries, they have allowed limited flights and departures.

Starting this week, travelers arriving in the country will be required to undergo a PCR test at the airport. Stay there until the results are known, And if positive, the genetic sequence will be examined to determine virus variants.