June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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In India, a plane made an emergency landing after filling up with smoke

New Delhi, India /

An Indian domestic airline had to do an after a cabin filled with smoke Emergency landing in New Delhi, Shortly after departure to Jabalpur city, the airline said.

Passengers on a flight operated by SpiceJet They were disembarked at the New Delhi airport without incident.

“After passing 5,000 feet, the crew noticed smoke in the cabin,” the airline said on Twitter. A video showing the smoke-filled room went viral on social media.

Another SpiceJet flight, a low-cost airline, had to do one Emergency landing Last month his left engine caught fire.

The airline did not say how many passengers were on board Saturday, but the airline said Landed “safely”. And an alternate flight was “immediately arranged” for the passengers.


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