March 24, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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In India, a leopard kidnaps a baby and the mother chases after it to save it

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In India, a boy about 5 years old He was abducted by a leopard while sitting with his mother in his hut And brothers inside Sanjay-Dhubri National Park and Tiger Reserve, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Young enough lucky to be alive after the cat When his mother chased him to stop him, he took it and released it. YP Singh, director of the park, said the woman jumped and chased the animals. In statements taken by CNN.

Singh promised “When the leopard came, the girl was sitting in the hut with the children. When the woman screamed and chased him, he picked up the baby and started running. Many more appeared, so the leopard freed the boy and ran away.

The family lives in the city of Badi Jiria, which is located within the reserve area Park Buffer Zone It is not fenced. The event took place on November 30th.

He said the boy had only minor injuries, but he had fully recovered. He was not seriously injured, but the leopard’s teeth were sunk inside.. He was admitted to the hospital and is now fully recovered, ”said Singh.

He reiterated that the archive monitors the wildlife in the area and that this type of forest is monitored by forest officials. “Not every movement of wildlife can be tracked”, Ensuring that species do not have terrestrial collars “they move freely and have no fixed limit”.

Chief of the region Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s mother promised Chased Cat more than a kilometer.

“This courage to face death is a wonderful form of motherhood. Congratulations on behalf of the people of the state to Mother Mrs. Kiran Paika.”


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