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"I think I'll stay in the crib"

“I think I’ll stay in the crib”

Theron W. Henderson / Getty Images

Unlike in previous years, a file does not appear Warriors Championship Parade It will have a rally with speeches at the end of the road. And fans aren’t the only ones disappointed about this change.

The show begins at 11:20 a.m. on the market and main streets of San Francisco, heading to the market until it ends about a mile away on 8th Street. As the Warriors held championship rallies in Oakland, the trail ended at Lake Merritt, where players moved onto a makeshift stage to give speeches and interact directly with the crowd.

Green was, unsurprisingly, a highlight of this portion of the parade. In 2015, take the microphone He immediately warned fans (and his bosses) that it “would stir up controversy.” But he mostly mocks coach Steve Kerr: “Every time he hits, he complains,” Green joked. “That’s why you see, every time I shoot, I look at him.” In 2017, Green used his speaking time to take Shots on LeBron James.

Of course, Green’s desire to stay home today may be related to the Warriors’ relentless party schedule since clinching the NBA title over the Celtics. Thursday evening team company in Boston Before heading back to the Bay Area, just to turn around and Hit the clubs in Las Vegas.

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