June 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Hundreds of people are fleeing to Thailand and India amid increasing repression in Myanmar internationally

Myanmar He gradually entered a period of isolation reminiscent of what he had experienced during the previous military regime (1962-2011). Since the beginning of the week, the internet connection via mobile phone has been disconnected, as well as some public WiFi networks have been disconnected. The last independent newspapers in print stopped doing so, Arrests of journalists continue. An information obscurity that the generals who carried out a conspiracy on February 1 tried to cover up Increase in violence and oppressionThis has led to an increase in the flow of refugees to neighboring countries such as Thailand and India.

Hundreds of Burmese have fled their cities in the riots, staying in informal settlements controlled by ethnic minority militants on the Thai border, preparing to increase the influx of refugees into their country in advance. Channel News Asia. Spokesman for the National Karen Union (KNU), the political wing of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), one of the groups fighting the Burmese military – well known Toddov– For decades, he promised, nearly 1,000 people had taken refuge in the territory under his control in the border province of Cain, Thailand.

In addition, about 300 policemen and their families fled to northeastern India for fear of not agreeing to the violent methods used by security forces against protesters protesting the daily coup across Myanmar. Burmese officials told AFP in the Indian state of Mizoram that protesters had been “beaten and tortured”.

UN Human Rights Council In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet warned that security forces would shoot people with automatic and semi-automatic rifles. Violence on the rise of uniformed people in the country. At least 217 people have been killed by security forces since the military seized power last week, according to the Burmese Civil Rights Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners. On the same Friday, the media reported that eight people had been killed in a shootout between the army and police against pro-democracy protesters in the central city of Angaun. Myanmar now.

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Digital newspaper Iravadi The maternity ward of a hospital in the country’s commercial capital, Yangon, reported on Thursday night that security forces had opened fire without any record of injuries. Witnesses say that in the same city, the main city of the former Burma, the police are forcing every member of the family to take part daily in the retrieval of barricades erected by protesters to protect themselves from attack by security forces. Arrested

The increase in violence and repression, internet restrictions and the persecution of the media and journalists by the military junta make it difficult to understand its purpose. On March 15, the military ordered telecom operators to block Internet connections via mobile phones indefinitely, and a few days later it began censoring access to public WiFi networks. Until then, I only disconnect at night. The growing control of the networks sought to reduce the communication channels between the Burmese, to organize themselves in the great movement of protests and civil disobedience that arose as a result of the riots.

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The last independent newspapers published in print – including 7 days new And Myanmar Times, Symbols of the democratic transformation experienced between 2011 and 2021 – have ceased to do so, and the license of five media outlets, including the above, has been revoked due to the Board’s increased restrictions. These media outlets now publish only digitally, causing additional inconvenience due to Internet outages.

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Since the coup, the military has detained at least 39 journalists, 10 of whom are accused of disturbing public order. This Friday, the BBC’s reporters, Ang Dura and local media Missima, More than HTK Angie, were arrested while trying to cover up the investigation against Vinhdeen from NaibideMember of the National League for Democracy (NLD) from Aung San Suu Kyi, The winner of last November’s election was branded a fraud by the military as an excuse to carry out the coup.

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This Friday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo called for an immediate meeting with his colleagues from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), of which Myanmar is part, as violence escalates in the country. “Indonesia must prioritize the process of dialogue and reconciliation to restore democracy, peace and stability in Myanmar,” Widodo said in a video posted on YouTube.