June 7, 2023

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Human Ethics Funds Translation Initiative in India

Audino is an open source tool used for audio and speech annotation. The program was developed to help translation services in rural India. Now, Human Ethics has decided to grant the project a grant. So They reported it Via the official blog.

Different languages ​​and dialects are spoken in rural India, which has contributed to the lack of adequate health care for many communities, they explained. It is estimated that the use of proper translation technology can have a positive impact on millions of people.

National Mission Health of India Works with health services. Part of the problem is the diversity of languages ​​spoken, which means that important information cannot be communicated and understood.

“National Health Movement appoints Accredited Health Social Activists (ASHA) to represent cities and rural areas. ASHAs act as a point of communication between rural villages and the wider health system. Currently, the main problem they face is efficient translation between different regional dialects. Accurate communication with local hospitals is essential to provide effective healthcare services. In most cases, villages and hospitals are hundreds of kilometers apart and speak completely different languages/dialects.

Different languages ​​and dialects

Below is the distribution of different languages ​​and dialects in India by population.

Audio Tagging

How does Audino work? Audino is a tool that assigns audio tagging tasks to a worker who speaks a specific language, such as Tamil, to segment a sentence and tag the words associated with that segment.

“Audio collects these data sets to build the chatbot,” they noted on the Human Ethics blog.

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“In the age of readily available translation services, it is easy to think that there is a translation service for every language and dialect in the world. But that’s not the case. We are pleased to provide a grant for a new tool to help create effective translation services for groups in need. Audino will use the grant to coordinate with the routing protocol (Routing protocol) Oracle of Exchange”, they asserted.

Other grants

This is not the first time HUMAN Protocol has awarded a grant. In fact, last year, Cointelegraph en Español reported on the announcement Grant scheme of man. Some of the recipients of these grants are: BlockchainHelix, Ramblist Y Verita Trust

HUMAN Protocol is an open source infrastructure. As mentioned from HUMAN, its protocol simplifies the work by providing an exchange system without permission.

“Automated by software, implemented through smart contracts, and settled on the blockchain, human protocol is any input or interaction. IdentifiedAnd its value is specified in a secure way”, they asserted.

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