May 28, 2023

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How Steve Jobs’ spiritual journey to India inspired him to build the world’s most valuable company

An Apple visionary, he traveled to India in 1974 in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Steve Jobs wanted to develop his spirituality on a 7-month long trip to India

A popular local a few weeks ago Swati Snacks Visited from Mumbai (India). Tim Cookwho was sitting next to the Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit A to eat Vada Pav, the most common recipe of the region. Soon after, the Apple CEO went to open a new Apple Store in Mumbai, not knowing that he would be surprised when a customer brought an old Macintosh into the store.

India for Tim Cook (and Apple). An important market. The company has big plans to increase its production volume at facilities in the South Asian region. But it was more important to Steve Jobs 50 years ago. Traveled to India with Apple co-founder Dan Kotke -who eventually became Apple’s first employee- In search of spiritual enlightenment. What Steve Jobs didn’t know at the time was that this trip would define his entire life and lay the foundation for the concept of Apple as a company.

Steve Jobs’ visit to India and its importance to Apple


When I was young 7 months after Steve Jobs went to India Seek spiritual inspiration. He returned very disillusioned after the Guru he wanted to see (Neem Karoli Baba) passed away a year before his trip. But he realized something. He discovered that inventors like Thomas Edison had done more for the world than any other Hindu guru.

Just Two years after returning to CaliforniaSteve Jobs founded Apple, completely revolutionized the personal computer industry, and by extension, changed the world we live in with the commercialization of the iPhone and iPad.

Daniel Kotke

Daniel Kotke, left; Next to Steve Jobs on the right of the photo

Dan Kotke with Steve Jobs I slept in abandoned buildings and ate local food. According to Kotke, he “bargained and searched everywhere for the true price. During the trip, they both contracted lice, scabies and dysentery.

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Steve Jobs’ trip to India did not make him lose his interest in spirituality. In fact, she is rumored to have suggested the name “Apple” to Steve Wozniak after visiting. A commune in Oregon he referred to as “an apple orchard.”.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs founded Apple with Indian spiritual inspiration

The inspiration of Indian spirituality was even reaching some Apple Business Locations in 1997 Among them was Mahatma Gandhi, for whom Steve Jobs had great admiration.

A quarter of a century later, step Indian TimesSteve Jobs decided – perhaps in memory of his spiritual journey – that this would be a great idea Set up a manufacturing facility in India For Apple’s supply chain. This was not carried out due to higher than expected costs, but over the past few years Tim Cook has ensured that Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron all have their own factories in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, India.