April 2, 2023

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How is the polygonal network used in India to issue Native Certificates?

The world is constantly moving towards a place where the applications of blockchain are highly appreciated by governments and companies. In that sense, now a region in India has decided to go one step further and issue 65,000 original certificates using polygons. To achieve this, the Government of Maharashtra in India is cooperating LegitDoc.

What does it take to issue these source certificates using polygons?

The Government of Maharashtra has started issuing birth certificates through polygons to the citizens of Temporally located in Katchiroli district. The initiative is part of the Digital India campaign.

LegitDoc is the application that makes it possible. Through this blockchain based application, it seeks to facilitate the process of providing government programs and benefits to these citizens. The added value is that it is now easier to verify these certificates. In this case, the verifiable certificates are intended to prevent fraudulent attempts to obtain benefits offered by the government to the most disadvantaged.

What are the priorities of the Government of India in this regard?

Shubham Gupta, an officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), commented in an interview that the Indian government is “always focused on implementing revolutionary technologies”. In this case, they can help democratize services for citizens.

Issuance of source certificates through neutral Web 3.0 sites is targeted at 1.1 million economically disadvantaged people in the Katchiroli district. Gupta cited this in an article co-authored by Neil Martis, CEO of LegitDoc.

Both also noted the relevance of this Web 3.0 protocol to protect the public. “In Web 3.0, anyone can become part of a public blockchain network, but no company can control the network, thereby reducing the risk of corruption by internal and external actors,” they said.

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How exactly does polygonal source certification work in India?

The LegitDoc operating system receives data from the government portal MahaOnline and uploads it to the PoS blockchain, Polygon. The system then generates the QR code and certificates, which are then verified by various government departments.

Many departments in the Government of Maharashtra are working on upgrading from traditional systems to blockchain based document / data storage. The Department of School Education, the Department of Social Justice, and the Department of Minorities are some examples.

This is not India’s first test in using blockchain to support certification and data authentication, but rather a continuation of the trend. At this time, the activities of government and authorities in India are very different to cryptocurrencies because they are not publicly advertised.