April 2, 2023

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How does India’s first COVID-19 mRNA vaccine work?

India approves more clinical trials for its first Govt-19 MRNA vaccine And developed by Genoa Biopharmaceuticals, the government explained on Tuesday after the initial phase study found that the injection was safe and effective.

Genoa is one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the world Moderna Inc. and Pfizer, From which technology is used MRNA In your vaccine against the virus.

How does the MRNA vaccine work?

These vaccines do not use a direct virus to generate an immune response, but rather stimulate the human body to produce a stimulant protein.

The company on Tuesday said it plans to launch a mid-level test of its candidate vaccine HGCO19 at 10 to 15 sites in early September and a delayed level test at 22 to 27 sites in India.

Genoa’s vaccine candidate’s clinical trials begin in December and are partially funded by the Department of Biotechnology Indian Ministry of Science and Technology

“It simply came to our notice then MRNA vaccinePhase III tests have not yet been completed. When Vaccine If it enters the market, India will already have vaccinated the majority of the population with at least one dose, ”said Prashant Kadayat, Global Data Pharmaceutical Analyst.

India So far approved for emergency use Two vaccines against Govt-19 Developed in the country, manufactured by Bharat Biotech and Zidus Cadillac, but does not yet have MRNA-based vaccines in its vaccine program.

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Modernna’s vaccine has received emergency approval Government of India In June, but the company is still resolving issues regarding compensation and imports.

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